Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Your Presence



Originally uploaded by Rana Pipiens

I saw  you in the Morning while the day was being born...

I heard you in the tree tops where the Turtle Doves do mourn..

I saw you in the flowers, way out on yonders hill..

I heard your voice a singing from the valleys to the rill...

I saw where you've been walking in the garden neath the vine, down by the Morning glories where the air is fresh and fine...

I saw you in the meadow besides the rippling pool..

In the pathways of the forest neath the Pine Trees tall and cool ...

I felt you in the wind sweeping gently cross my face...

I saw you in the mountains in an ever changing place..

I felt your loving presence at the close of the day...

I met you in the moonlight as I knelt there to pray.

copyright (C) 1984 B Merriweather


  1. It is true, nature is a gift to us. The more we learn about it, the more we can understand God's love for us, and feel his presence in his handiwork.

    Vesty, I enjoyed what you said about the bagpipes. Nice memories. I think most people really like them, or really do not like them.

  2. "I felt you in the wind sweeping gently across my face."

    I've often had that feeling, especially regarding warm summer breezes.


  3. Thank you Mya and Donna so glad you enjoy it..

  4. P.S. my Mother wrote this poem in 1984 and I was very happy to share it and glad you both liked it.. Thank you for your wonderful comments and stopping by this post.

  5. Really? Your mother wrote that lovely poem? Where do we go to read more of her poems or other things she's written? Do you write poetry, too? That's all the questions for now:)


  6. My Mother Thanks you for the compliment..Yes she has written several others in which I may post at another time.

    Thank you..Ive tried my hand at few that I think need a little tweaking, Thanks for asking..and stopping by.