Sunday, May 2, 2010

Success is so close!

Success is so close!
Maybe you feel stuck sometimes;
everyone does.

 Maybe you wish your dreams 
would just hurry up and get here already; Who doesn't ?

But they're not just on their way;  they're
almost here!  So don't give up now.
All your hard work and hope is about to pay off ....
 and no one is more worthy of a dream-come- true than you!

  Credits  ~ Inspiration.... from Woman's World Magazine 3/29/10
 photo upload  Here comes the sun by Miro42


  1. I'm at an age where I've come to the realization that I might have to let go of some of my dreams. I struggle with that feeling.

    Have a wonderful week, friend.


  2. Donna I just got back around to this post, I'm at the age where I have to change some of my dreams to fit the changes in my life..

  3. Great words especially when one is feeling bluesy - these will pep you up:)

  4. Thank you Keats, so glad you liked it...